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Business Continuity Professionals of the Carolinas


Formed to share information about Contingency Planning.  These disciplines involve the planning and preparation for resumption of business in the event of a disaster.



To promote a professional, educational association to continually increase awareness and the importance of business continuity, contingency planning, disaster mitigation and disaster recovery throughout the public and private sectors.



  • Provide a forum for the interchange of ideas, topics, and information in the field of business contingency planning.
  • Promote increased awareness of business contingency planning.
  • Identify common problems and propose solutions.
  • Identify supplier requirements, which could facilitate business contingency planning.
  • Encourage public and private partnerships to ensure collaboration across the community.
Current Board

Hiram Barbosa
Marilyn Carrington
Stephanie Corona
Brian Gilbaugh
Andrew Hopson
Jon McVety
Anja Uske