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Board of Directors

The BCPC Calendar Year runs 01 January through 31 December.

The Board of BCPC consists of seven members:  Chair, Vice-Chair , Secretary, Public Relations Director, Vendor Relations Director, Special Projects Director and Web Master.  The Board is voluntary support of the membership of the association.  Only one individual from an organization may serve on the Board at any given time.  The quorum for Board Meetings shall be four (4) members.

Each Board position is for a term of two (2) years.  There are no term limits. Four positions of the Board are elected annually, with the other three the following year.  To provide continuity for the organization, nominations for the position of Chairperson will be limited to current and past members of the Board.  All other Board members are elected from the membership at large with the exception of board member(s) appointed by the Chair for the purposes of completing board term vacancies.  (See current board terms here.)

In accordance to Section 3. Duties of the Board, any individual appointed by the Chair to fulfill a board term vacancy, may only serve until the completion of that term.  If this individual desires to remain on the Board, their name must be submitted as a candidate to the Nominating Committee.

The membership will be notified about Board Member needs.  New Board Member Nominations may be submitted to any member of the Board.  Board members whose term has expired may also submit their names as candidates to the Nominating Committee.  Nominations will be provided by the Nominating Committee, which will consist of the Board members not up for election.  The Nominating Committee will evaluate candidates.  This may include but is not limited to resumes, questionnaires, and interviews.  The Nominating Committee will be responsible for selecting the best candidates and submitting their names to the membership.

A recommendation will be made by the committee to the membership and will be presented at the last meeting of the calendar year.  A voice vote will be conducted to confirm or deny the recommendation.  Each member present is entitled to one (1) vote.  The term of new Board members begins after the meeting at which they are elected.

In the event a board member is unable to complete their term, the board will have an option to appoint a member to fill the position for the remainder of the term.  Such appointment does not require action by the membership.

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Current Board

Hiram Barbosa
Marilyn Carrington
Stephanie Corona
Brian Gilbaugh
Andrew Hopson
Jon McVety
Anja Uske